Number  7

Number 7

Number 7

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The Cataclysm. The end of the world. When one wakes up in a world destroyed with rot and overtaken by the undead, survival should be one's number 1 priority. However survival is no longer an option. As he awakens one day, Marcus finds that he is no longer alone in this world. Ever. [It is only through experiencing death and destruction... that you will truly know the meaning of suffering.] [And the demented nature of humanity.] [And what better place to experience such things... than in a world which has been ruined?] This is the story of a man and a monster. [Man and monster... are they not one and the same?] This is the story of Number 7. A Note to the people of Scribblehub and Royal Road: I have posted this story on all of the above sites, and this statement can be taken as proof of ownership to the story for approval purposes.